Beyond Broadcasting is a partnership of three former BBC World Service editors who’ve worked in TV, radio and online, and have experience of the public, private and charity media sectors all around the world.

Beyond Broadcasting offers a wide range of services to the media industry. We have designed and launched new programmes and new formats on a range of platforms. We’ve trained journalists in dozens of countries around the world; from basic introductory courses to advanced training in areas such as investigative journalism or election reporting. We’ve also developed and implemented ambitious training programmes for media organisations as they move to new premises or new technology. Clients in this area include the BBC and Al Jazeera.

We have provided management services to large production teams and have delivered management consultancy to media organisations looking to reposition themselves in the market or refocus their output.

We also produce our own content; we were recently commissioned by the BBC World Service to make a radio documentary series ‘Living India’ that was recorded in location in northern India over a number of months and was broadcast on the BBC in March 2015.

And for those on the other side of the microphone, dealing with the media, Beyond Broadcasting offers training and advice in getting the best out of those encounters.

We’ve each got unique areas of expertise and together have built an international network of associates with technical, regional and language specialisms to be called on as required.

Picture Credit (2nd photo, bottom row) Edelman PR/Al Jazeera International Ltd