Our objective is to maximise your potential and realise your ambitions. At Beyond Broadcasting we can draw on decades of senior-level experience in editorial leadership and management in the international media industry. Whether you are launching a new station, modernising your output, in need of training or re-organising your company to embrace new technologies and tackle market challenges, we can help.

Training. At Beyond Broadcasting we are all highly experienced journalism trainers, having worked all over the world, designing and delivering tailor-made workshops to public and private sector media organisations. We are skilled in planning, running and project managing training programmes of any size, from small, one-off week-long workshops to major programmes of training delivery stretched over many months. Training can be provided for any platform, be it TV, radio or online and can be aimed at any level of experience or expertise; from senior editors and managers through to new recruits.

Strategy & change management. New technologies, challenging markets and shifting audiences require media companies to embrace change to stay ahead of the competition. They need to develop a culture which values change and feeds off it. We have extensive experience of developing change programmes and successfully integrating them in media organizations around the world. Our work includes international restructures, the introduction of new equipment and working practices, and the seamless relocation of production teams to new offices and studios.

Media for development. Producing media outputs with developmental goals brings a particular set of challenges. Budgets are often tight, skill levels relatively low, the subject matter can be sensitive and working environments difficult.
 We all have extensive experience of media for development including making behaviour-change programmes, delivering in-country training and developing teams that consistently produce great content. We understand the need for outputs to inspire, engage and entertain audiences so their developmental messages have an impact.

Dealing with the media. With decades of experience of producing, reporting, presenting and editing New and Current Affairs programming for the BBC we can provide expert guidance on how to handle encounters with the media. Our courses put you inside the mind of a journalist, explain how media organizations work and how to best get your message across. We provide practical training sessions with real-life scenarios so you can confidently face the media in any circumstances.

Contact us to find out how we’ve helped other organisations in these areas – and what we can do for you.