The course was delivered in a very exciting atmosphere, handled with rare precision and had lots of real-life situations which helped our understanding; it was quite a stunning experience to take part in.
Course Participant, BBC Moscow Training

Mick Slatter is very talented and inspirational and he conducted the ‘Using Social Media in Journalism’ course in a very professional manner. Our participants felt they were shown useful techniques and the course was of great benefit. We hope to continue with courses of this kind in future.
Mrs Usanee Sritanyarat, Executive Director, Thai Foreign Office

Thank you for so successfully managing the training programme for the World Service’s move to W1. I’ve never known people to be so well prepared and to not have a word of criticism for the introduction of new technology! Your patience, fantastic organisational skills, enthusiasm and communication skills have been invaluable.
Peter Horrocks, Director BBC Global News

Thank you for a wonderful job in Bhutan. It was a fantastic event.
Asia Broadcasting Union

A huge thank you to Mick for his outstanding contribution, overseeing some difficult change and restructuring in the Asia & Pacific Region with great efficiency and equanimity, and for being a brilliant manager and colleague – wise, supportive, meticulous and very able.
Behrouz Afagh, Head of Asia Pacific, BBC World Service

I wish everyone were as flexible, smiley and ready to help as you are.
Jan Leder, Editor, BBC Russian Service

You ran the Beijing workshop extremely well; every participant from China Radio and China National Radio said it was the best workshop they’ve attended. They are very keen to attend another and asked if you could run it!
Asia Broadcasting Union

In recognition of your outstanding work on the 70th anniversary of the BBC World Service – you have led the project brilliantly.
Mark Byford, Director, BBC World Service

Thank you for the very good work done by you and your team; we’d like to work with you in the future.
South East Asia Regional Office, World Health Organisation

My thanks and appreciation for the very successful season ‘Generation Next’ which you masterminded with great skill and enthusiasm; a real broadcasting highlight for the World Service.
Nigel Chapman, Director, BBC World Service

Our guests from Beijing Sports Radio told me again and again how impressed they were by your training and asked me to convey their gratitude. You are indeed one of the most creative and inspiring trainers I know!
Lu Jiang, Features Editor, BBC Chinese

Thank you so much for getting my team properly trained; your kind of trainer has become nearly extinct!
Menuk Suwondo, Editor, BBC Indonesian Service

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